1.  Just send us a message!  You can contact us here. All inquiries will be answered by an account representative within 24 hours.


2.  After getting your basic information, we'll schedule a good time to have a phone meeting to better understand your business needs. From there, we can get started by officially joining our family!


3.  You can ship, deliver, or make arrangements with Ecom Prepnpack to have your product sent to our warehouse –  whether your merchandise is coming from across the oceans, a national warehouse, or from a local retailer, we can help in any step of the process.


4.  Once you're ready, allow us to have access to your software(s) to streamline our process. Or don't! It's completely up to you how you would like us to handle and list your product.


5.  We'll invoice you the first of every month. We'll accept most forms of payment.


You’re part is done – let us handle the rest!


You will be notified by email as each step of the shipment is processed, from Receiving & Inspection, to Labeling & Prepping, and lastly to Packaging & Shipping.  Each step of the process will be documented, along with your exclusive access to your shipment picture diary, so you can follow along anytime.


Because we're so open and meticulous, you can communicate with us directly while we do your product in real time. This minimizes and discrepancies that may arise and slow your sales down!


Give us a try! With 0 subscription fees and flat pricing, you don't have to worry about investing too much time or money into us. Just imagine – no more boxes, labels, tape, polybags or trash to worry about.  We can promise this service will save you tremendous time and money!