FAQs ✅

Q: "Where are you located?"

A: We are located in Chatsworth CA , just north of Los Angeles and less than an hour away from Importing Harbors and  LAX. 

Q: "What is your turnaround time?"

A: Everything will be prepped and shipped within 24-72 hours excluding weekends and depending on the volume of each shipment.

Q: "Will you store our products in your warehouse?"

A: Only if you need it! We offer up to 1000 items of storage or a pallets worth of product (48"x40"x72"), which ever comes first. If you need more space, we'll work out a solution.

Q: "Do you accept pallets?"

A: Yes, free of charge! We'll take pictures upon arrival to ensure pallet is free of damages or obvious issues. If you want us to ship out in pallets, we have a $10 dollar fee per pallet. 

Q: "Do you accept products from liquidation sources and other used inventory?

A: Yes! We take New and Used items.

Q: "What happens to damaged products?"

The choice is yours. We will take photos of the damaged products and communicate with you on how you would like to proceed. We can dispose of them at .25 a unit, no problem! Or, we'll send it back to you - just send us the label and it'll be out same day if ordered by 4 PM PST.